CAMPAIGNS – Fairtrade Fortnight

1 August 2017

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight begins THIS FRIDAY. We highlight SBN members championing Fairtrade through their products and business practices.

Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual awareness campaign to support Fairtrade products. This year it runs from the 4-17 August. There’s a host of events and promotions organised throughout the period, as well as inspiration for what you can do in your own homes and workplaces.

Fairtrade supports farmers and suppliers in communities vulnerable to exploitation. It enables them to get a fairer deal for their products. It helps build safer, healthier communities.

Sam McGlennon leads SBN’s Smart Procurement project. He says: “Fairtrade makes a big contribution to the global movement towards sustainable business practices, especially in the tricky area of international supply chains. Fairtrade provides a holistic solution for common products, ensuring fair working conditions, stable prices and the empowerment of farmers and workers.

“For both businesses and individuals, purchasing Fairtrade certified goods is a really easy and effective way of putting your values into practice. For staples such as coffee, tea, chocolate, bananas, it’s really easy to find Fairtrade certified versions. It’s reached the point where we should start questioning what’s happening in the supply chains of uncertified equivalents. This fortnight is a great time to make the shift.”

Pravin Sawmy is business development manager for Fairtrade New Zealand. He says: “Fairtrade continues to grow year on year. Retail sales passed $103 million in 2016. It’s a great reflection on how much kiwis are committed to ethical and sustainable trade.

“This is backed up by Colmar Brunton research which highlights that 79% of kiwis recognise the distinctive blue and green Fairtrade Mark and 75% of kiwis view the Fairtrade Mark as a leader in sustainability. Fairtrade fortnight is all about giving people an opportunity to show their love for the label and support the farmers and workers behind the products we love.”

What you can do

Head along to one of these events hosted by our members:

You can support the Fairtrade movement and help farmers in the developing world by buying certified Fairtrade products from our members:

Commonsense Organics

All Good Organics

Scarborough Fair Foods

Karma Cola

Caffe Prima


Cooks Food Group

Fairtrade Fortnight