Climate Action for SMEs – NEW project!

By Rachel Brown

We've launched our new Climate Action 20/25 project to help smaller businesses act on climate over the next five years. 

We kicked it off with the publication of a report that examines the issues and opportunities, and provides a pathway for action.

Download ‘Climate Action 20/25: Accelerating Climate Action by New Zealand SMEs’
View the video of the online launch of our Climate Action 20/25 programme
Read the media release

New Zealand’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) need an easy-to-use programme to lower their greenhouse gas emissions. Much of the work to date on climate resources is best suited to larger organisations. Yet SMEs face a range of barriers to their involvement such as time and cost constraints – more so now than ever. Covid-19 is posing additional challenges, yet the need to act on climate hasn’t gone away.

Climate Action 20/25 is based on essential research that Phil Jones has been leading for some time. To make sure we get the programme right, he has been talking to key players in the climate system to get an understanding of the existing solutions, gaps and needs of SMEs so we can co-create a ‘non-debatable’ way forward on climate.

Our aim is to make climate action a way we do business here in Aotearoa.

Given we are moving back to business activity, we think it’s time to get this work cranking. We’re really pleased to announce our first two partners on this work are EECA and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. We’re still seeking additional influencer organisations – private and public – to ensure our toolkits and campaigns hit the mainstream. Let me know if you are interested in investing in this with us.

To make it super easy, cheap and practical for SMEs to act we are creating:

  • toolkit of practical resources, including links with existing quality tools and resources
  • A series of training programmes called CO2LABS, run regionally and online
  • Inspiring local case studies and recognition of leaders at our Awards

This is a collaborative effort. We will continue working with a range of private and public sector stakeholders, including existing service providers, to ensure the programme complements and enhances existing initiatives.

We’re really excited to be kicking off this project! We look forward to working with our members and partners on it over the next few years.

If your organisation would like to be involved in Climate Action 20/25 or to find out more, please contact phil@sustainable.org.nz