Climathon winners revealed

By jay

Lucas Kengmana, of OurSpace and Kaenga, reports on Wellington’s successful Climathon, reveals details of the four winners and shows how you can help bring their ideas to reality.

The Wellington Climathon, held in June 2015, started with a bold challenge: ‘Twenty four hours to do something about climate change’.

It is fair to say that the very diverse sixty or so people who attended the Climathon really rose to the challenge. They formed ideas, discussed and debated them and then tested them with the public (as a bunch of surprised Wellington shopkeepers can attest).

Twenty four hours later, participants presented their findings to a panel of judges and their peers. Teams displayed some impressive PowerPoint skills, presenting a wide range of information in an easily digestible format and one team even entertained everyone with some improve theatre.

As result of this process, four teams have been selected to advance their ideas further, with the hope of getting a chance to present to world leaders at the big climate change meeting in Paris at the end of the year.  These teams are:

  • Po0ol – which is looking to create an app to help resource managers of small and medium businesses to understand and limit their impact on the environment. They would like to get in touch with small and medium businesses that would be keen to be involved. You can reach them here.
  • Noobie – this project aims to dissolve barriers for commuters cycling in Wellington by creating and curating tools like courses, safety tips, maps, social groups and more. They would love for people to take their survey.
  • Coming Out on Climate Change – which is looking at ways to facilitate and promote conversations about climate change in the workspace.
  • OurSpace – which is looking at ways to promote people-friendly urban densification by helping people build small but attractive buildings on spare land and helping them form groups to design their own sustainable apartments. They would love you to take their survey and sign up to the website. If you’re in Wellington, you can help the teams even more by getting involved in person by signing up up for a Collaboration Cafe on the 27th of August.

In closing, the teams would like to thank Climate KIC, the Wellington City Council and Victoria University of Wellington for sponsoring the Wellington Climathon and to Enspiral for hosting them.

Lucas Kengmana, Climathon participant – OurSpace and Kaenga