Commute Awards 2015 – Enter by 31 October!

21 October 2015

Had success with carpooling or cycling at your workplace?

Ran an amazing event to motivate your staff to leave their cars at home?

Or maybe you have a Travel Champion who goes the extra mile to get people involved.

Building on last year’s Commute Awards Auckland Transport wants to celebrate and share the successes of its organisations on the Commute Programme and invite you to enter the Commute Awards 2015 to tell us about your progress and experiences since July 2014.

There are three categories to enter and the winners will be announced at a networking session on Tuesday 1 December 2015, directly after the Commute Workshop event.

How to enter

To enter,email 500 words or less describing your project, travel plan or initiative, and remember to provide evidence of what you’ve achieved. Feel free to attach photos or video clips to support your entry (remember to keep it brief)  to by 31 October 2015.Be sure to put the category you’re entering into the subject line of the email.


There are three main award categories you can enter:

1. Travel Champion Award – celebrating the achievements of that person in your organisation who goes the extra mile to motivate others, organise events or actively promote travel options.

Tell AT who your travel champion is and why they’re nominated. It could be – amongst other things – tenacity, going above and beyond the call of duty, engaging with staff, making progress towards achieving travel plan targets or all of the above!

2. Think-Outside-the-Car Award for Creative Excellence. This award is for an out-of-the-ordinary initiative or an outstanding campaign with an innovative approach.

Tell them what you achieved and how you did it. How were people motivated? Was there a challenge … or prizes? Or did you manage to get new workplace facilities for walkers and cyclists?

3. Green Trip Award for mode shift – an overall award for reducing car trips, plus separate awards for success in:

  1. active transport (the Step-it-up and Pedal-Power Awards)
  2. carpooling (the Match-Maker Award)
  3. Public Transport (On-Board Award).          

What shift did you achieve and how did you do it? What made getting people out of their cars easy (or difficult!)? The size of your organisation will be taken into account.

Depending on entries, there could be a Supreme Commute Award for an entry that, in the judges’ opinion, is truly remarkable.


Entries will be judged by a panel from Auckland Transport, including the manager of the Travel Demand Team. The judges reserve the right to consider your entry in additional categories. Judges’ decisions are final.

Announcing the Award winners

The award winners will be announced at an early evening networking session after the Commute Workshop event on Tuesday December 1 2015 (venue to be confirmed).

Please email to . Entries close 31 October 2015.