DESIGN – Want to work in the smartest office in town?

19 July 2016

SBN is developing tools for businesses to create the most efficient and sustainable office places. Would you like to work in one?

Offices are more than just a bunch of desks and a coffee machine. To do their best work, people need the best environment, which makes an investment in the work space a very valuable one.

Poor design and processes in the workplace can also lead to huge waste of energy and resources. But getting this right has too often become complex and expensive, with time-pressured office managers having to make decisions based on short term cost rather than long term benefits. It’s challenging to keep up with the latest options out there. This, in turn has created a lot of waste and a mish mash of imperfect solutions. It’s a rut that’s hard to get out of.

Look around you, do you see evidence of that where you work?

In response, the Sustainable Business Network is embarking on a new Smart Office project. It will make creating the optimum office much easier for our members.

James Griffin, project lead for mega efficiency, is heading this up.

“The plan is that we will curate the ‘smarts’ from within our network to create a comprehensive guide. This will replace the ‘Green Office’ guides of the early 2000’s, which were limited in scope and are now out of date.”

SBN has already partnered with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority on the project, and is now reaching out to other businesses and organisations that would like to work on it.

James says: “Technology changes rapidly. We have increasingly sophisticated thinking on energy efficiency and workplace strategy. There is a need for a comprehensive resource on how to operate a modern sustainable office in 2016. These are offices where productivity, efficiency and staff welfare are maximised and the environmental footprint is minimized.”

The project builds on the initial work SBN has done on the Circular Economy Model Office. This focused on building offices. Both will link with the SBN’s Smart Procurement work to take in all phases of the office life cycle – design, building, maintenance, refurbishment and repurposing.

The Guide will incorporate energy efficiency, workplace strategy, ICT, waste management, cleaning and office supplies. It will cover all sizes of operations.

“This project looks set to create a lot of value for our members,” says James. “There’s lots of ways to get involved, so get in touch now to get on board.”

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