Does your 2020 vision include leadership training?

By Andy Kenworthy

SBN Leadership Course
The Sustainable Business Network’s unique Leadership in Sustainable Business Course could be just the career step up you are looking for.

The current need for leadership in sustainability surpasses that need in almost any other area of our lives. We need to be well equipped for a period of significant disruption. We face unique challenges and unprecedented opportunities. It’s increasingly clear that this leadership must include greater connection between people. It must be based on deeper understanding and connections to our place in the world.

SBN’s leadership course is built on more than 15 years’ experience enabling sustainable business in Aotearoa. It provides direct access to the SBN team’s expertise. It includes input from top experts from our network of more than 600 organisations. This is aimed at any individual passionate about sustainability and in making a difference through your work. We believe this work is urgent and requires a new set of skills amongst organisations.

The course was significantly reshaped for 2019. It now incorporates more on the latest sustainability methodologies.  The aim is to leave the course with a very practical programme or project of work to take back to your business. The three block courses cover local (personal) and global issues of sustainability including a better understanding and connectivity with te ao Māori. It also includes a comprehensive introduction to the art of influence and collaboration, vital skills for system change. The last phase of the course is very practically focused, designed to prepare a project or programme of work for execution in the participants’ organisations.

SBN’s Founder and CEO Rachel Brown now guides the course and leads four of the face to face days. She is supported by Andy Kenworthy, SBN communication and campaigns advisor. Wellington-based leadership collaboration specialist David Savage leads the two central days and a range of experts are introduced throughout the course.

Rachel says: “We focus on ensuring the course is very relevant to the issues of our time so it is refined throughout the year. Participants come from a wide range of organisations and roles but all get a comprehensive understanding of the environmental, economic and cultural context for a range of organisations. They learn the skills to influence and make change happen within their organisations they work in and more widely.

“We encourage them throughout to adapt and apply this to their own work. By the end of the experience they are able to take this back to their desks the next Monday morning and get cracking.”

The course culture is geared towards establishing a community of practice. Throughout the three months of the course we consciously build an active peer group. The aim is to support ongoing professional and personal well-being and development. Participants join an alumni that spreads throughout the whole SBN network and the New Zealand economy.

Daniel Harrison is Partnerships Development Manager at the Department of Conservation. He completed the 2019 course.

“I found the SBN Leadership in Sustainable Business Course a great experience and recommend it to others looking for a way to supercharge their own sustainability journey,” he says. “Participating in the course re-energised my leadership thinking and practice with the end result being that I had higher capability and capacity to lead and inspire sustainability.”

Course dates for the 2020 leadership course, backed with a host of ongoing support and resources, are:

  • 19-20 March (Waiheke Island)
  • 1-2 April (GridAKL, Auckland CBD)
  • 6-7 May (GridAKL, Auckland CBD)

Find out more and book your place now or contact holly@sustainability.org.nz