E-bikes, the silver bullet!

By Phil Jones

Calling all sustainably-minded businesses - help get your people onto e-bikes for their commute!

E-bikes are the ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to making our urban transport system healthier, more efficient and much lower carbon. As the saying goes, it ‘ticks all the boxes’.

There is one problem – price. Good quality e-bikes start at about $2,500. This can be a barrier for some.

Forward-thinking organisations are stepping in. They recognise the potential of e-bikes for their staff’s health and wellbeing, and cutting carbon emissions. but also the price barrier.

Tauranga City Council led the way in late 2017. It offered salary advances to staff to buy e-bikes, working in partnership with supplier Electrify NZ. 10% of staff signed up! Most now regularly commute by e-bike, taking dozens of cars off the road.

This is where NZ Transport Agency and Sustainable Business Network come in. Keen to encourage more organisations to do the same, we’ve co-produced the Employer e-bike Purchase Support Guide. It was launched last week to a packed audience in Wellington. The guide provides information to make it easy for organisations to set-up a purchase support scheme.

Check out the guide here. SBN is keen to hear from businesses wanting to find out more and get support.  Now’s the time to get ready for summer!


Contact Phil Jones (phil@sustainable.org.nz).