ENERGY – New certification offers mark of good energy management

12 July 2016

Action on climate change requires unprecedented energy management across all businesses. A new NZ-based world-class certification scheme provides the tools to make this happen.

Enviro-Mark Solutions has been a leading player in environmental management and certification in New Zealand since 2001.

Many SBN members like Counties Manukau Health are participants in Enviro-Mark’s Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme (CEMARS). This measures emissions and develops strategies to manage and reduce them.

Others, including Apex Insurance and Energy and Technical Services hold the coveted carboNZero certification. This builds on the same approach to offset emissions that can’t be reduced.

The Enviro-Mark certification helps other businesses develop and improve their Environmental Management Systems. Enviro-Mark helps identify significant environmental impacts arising from everything an organisation does. It then develops plans to prevent or reduce those impacts. 

Recently Enviro-Mark Solutions has added a new tool to their offering, the Energy-Mark Certification Programme. This applies a similarly rigorous approach to an organisation’s energy use. Energy-Mark enables systematic development and improvement of credible energy management systems. Third party certification ensures accurate and consistent energy management claims.

All of the Enviro-Mark Solutions schemes align with ISO standards. This makes them recognised and credible worldwide.

Certifiable resource management will become a more widespread requirement in the climate change era. It’s fitting then that the first Energy-Mark certification was presented to government agency Antarctica New Zealand. The organisation already holds the top Enviro-Mark Diamond certification and CEMARS certification, so Energy-Mark certification was the next obvious step.

But wherever your business operates, standards like this will soon be the norm.