ETHICAL INVESTMENT – Three steps to putting your money where your mouth is

By jay

The work our money does mostly happens behind the scenes. But don’t be fooled - it’s a powerful and direct way we can have an impact on the world. Here’s a quick guide to ensuring your investments are supporting the principles you want them to.

The recent coverage of KiwiSaver investments was a wake-up call on ethical investment in New Zealand. In the interests of the sustainable and ethical world we’re working to create, we should all be looking a little closer at what our money’s doing. The good news is that it’s easy to realign your money with your values.

Here’s what you can do:

Step One: Contact your KiwiSaver provider

Media stories are quickly forgotten. This is your money. It’s your concerns that count. Some banks have had surprisingly little feedback following up on this issue. Don’t miss the opportunity to be heard.

Step Two: Choose a default provider that reflects your concerns

If you are reading this you are interested in creating a more ethical and sustainable world. The IRD estimates that 500,000 Kiwis use their organisation’s default provider. Setting the right default can be a powerful lever for positive change. You can help shape your employees’ Kiwisaver preferences. Make their savings a force for good. 

Step Three: Use the SBN directory to find the advice you need

The SBN membership includes many NZ banks, investment managers and financial advisers. Use the SBN Directory to draw on their experience and expertise. We’re proud knowing that the answers you need and the guidance you want are all there.

SBN Community project lead Sam McGlennon says: “As customers, employees and employers, we can all demand that financial institutions use our investments transparently, ethically and sustainably. We shouldn’t let this challenge to the integrity of our financial system go to waste. Let’s demand more from everyone, while actively supporting those that are doing the right thing.”