EVENTS – SBN Annual Conference: Communication in an Age of Authenticity

19 July 2016

Increased public scrutiny is putting pressure on businesses to prove their worth. You can learn how to thrive in this market at the Sustainable Business Network’s Annual Conference on August 31.

SBN’s Annual Conference is one of the highlights of the sustainable business calendar. It’s our paramount opportunity to bring together the finest minds across our network for a day’s work together. Last year’s event drew 200 participants from up and down the country. This year we are hoping for an even bigger turnout.

Today people want to know the good being done by the businesses they buy from, work for and invest in. To succeed, your business will need a positive purpose at its core.

You have to be able to prove it. And you must be able to express it in everything you do.

During the day we will establish exactly what this means for your business. We will learn from business leaders in pioneering companies meeting these challenges. And we will identify the enormous business opportunities that are being created.

To set the tone for the day’s work we have an exclusive interview with Christopher Davis, International Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at The Body Shop International. He will speak on how the Body Shop plans to re-establish itself as a world-leading purpose driven business.

Dom Thurbon of Karrikins Group will also be joining us from Australia. Dom will offer insight on the do’s and don’ts of communicating your company’s mission. And Josh Page from Blunt Umbrellas will provide an example of a home-grown business designed from the ground up with missionary zeal.

We will hear from consumer research expert Jacqueline Farman. She will share research on creating a purpose and ensuring your message gets across to the public.

Participants will then be able to choose from two work streams for the remainder of the morning. The first will look at how to install purpose at the core of your business. The other will take a closer look at the metrics that make it easy to prove the positive impact you are having.

We will start the afternoon with a high-energy workshop from leadership expert David Savage. We will then hear from Dr Niki Harre of The University of Auckland. She will help us get a better sense of the broader theories of change. This is knowledge that is much needed in a world requiring a transformation in the way we do business.

The second set of workshops will offer two more great choices. You can work on the ins and outs of storytelling, or workshop on how to wield the internal influence to make good ideas happen.

With a final special guest speaker still to be announced, it promises to be a full-on day of learning and inspiration. And it is followed by one of the year’s best business networking sessions.  

SBN CEO Rachel Brown, says: “The conference is one of the most powerful ways that we bring together the power of this network to share our work and encourage greater collaboration. What we learn together will give value throughout the year. And the connections that can be made are priceless.”

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