EVENTS – the Social Enterprise World Forum is coming to Christchurch. SBN will be part of it!

29 November 2016

The Social Enterprise World Forum will be coming to New Zealand on 27-29 September 2017. SBN will partner with hosts The Ākina Foundation to offer sustainability advice and tools to participants.

Social enterprise has been labelled ‘business where society profits’. It involves businesses built around a social or environmental mission. The variety of social enterprises is as wide as the range of issues they address. They provide access to employment. They tackle poverty and food insecurity. They repurpose waste materials. The list is (almost) endless.

The Social Enterprise World Forum comes to a different location each year. It brings social enterprises together from all over the world. Participants share knowledge, build networks and discuss how to enhance their work. 

It attracts social enterprise workers, social entrepreneurs, policy makers, community leaders, investors, activists, academics and more.

SBN member Ākina led the bid to bring the Forum to New Zealand. SBN has now joined the partners helping to make the event a success.

Sam McGlennon, SBN community lead, says: “SBN is coming on board to support Ākina in delivering an exemplary and sustainable conference, with purpose-led business at its heart.”

New Zealand already has many successful social enterprises. But the sector is only now getting the attention it deserves. In the UK the sector generates £24 billion a year. It employs nearly a million people.

Social enterprises are quintessential examples of purpose-led businesses. They place sustainability – not only of their operations, but for their societies – at their core.

At the event SBN will be offering resources, guidance and inspiration at the event’s ‘Mentor Bar’. We will also be covering the conference through our newsletter, website and social media channels.

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