Fair Trade Fortnight: pop-up shops and parties

29 April 2014

Fair Trade Fortnight (3-18 May) is an annual nationwide celebration of all things fair trade, and the difference that choosing fair trade makes for millions of farmers and workers in developing countries.

This year, Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand is launching a new campaign during Fair Trade Fortnight: The Power of You.

“You have the power to do something amazing: the power to help farmers build better futures for themselves, and improve working conditions around the world,” says Steve Knapp, General Manager NZ, Fairtrade ANZ.

“The more Fairtrade Certified products we buy in New Zealand, the greater the improvement to the standard of living for farmers and workers, and their families and communities in developing countries,” he says.

Highlights of Fair Trade Fortnight this year include a visit from a Rose Boatemaa Mensah, a Fairtrade cocoa farmer from Ghana. Click here to find out where you can meet Rose and learn more about how Fairtrade is good for farmers, good for our earth, and good for you.

SBN staffer, Alex Williams and Fair Trade Auckland Trust are busy building a pop-up shop to appear in Ponsonby Central, to celebrate and promote two years of Auckland being a Fair Trade City. It will be open from 3 May to 10 May.

Fair Trade brands like SBN members All Good, Kokako, Nice Blocks and more will set up shop every day of the week, with a “Power Of You” Party held on Tuesday May 6, to which you’re invited. So come down and enjoy delicious Kokako cocktails, Little and Friday treats and hear about the big news Fair Trade Auckland has to share.

Oxfam’s Morning Tea is also a great opportunity to celebrate and get talking about Fairtrade. A fun and easy fundraising event, it’s a chance to get together with friends, family, neighbours or co-workers to share Fair Trade goodies.

If you’d like to support Fair Trade fortnight, you can download a free campaigners’ guide and other resources (posters, flyers, stickers) by clicking here. Find out more about Fair Trade fortnight news and activities by clicking here.