Feel the love – rewards for our referrers

10 February 2015

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, lingering memories of hot summer days and new back-to-work friendships, the SBN is inviting our members to feel the love this February.

We get lots of our new members through referalls, so we thought it was time that we said thanks and showed you some love. Simply refer a business to us, and, once they have signed and paid, you’ll be privvy to a ten per cent discount off your next annual membership fee.

How does it work?

Refer a business (you might find some helpful reasons why other businesses should join here)

Get that business to email us with the subject line Feel the Love and your name as a referrer in the email. As soon as they have signed up and paid, you’ll be rewarded with 10 per cent off your next bill.

HURRY – this deal only lasts until the end of February!

Happy February