Five things we learnt about food at the new New Zealand Forum

6 October 2015

Hosted by Westpac, this year’s new New Zealand Forum, which took place on 1 October, focused on The Food Revolution. It was led by Distinguished Professor Paul Moughan from Massey University, with a presentation on the future of food in New Zealand.

Here are the five most poignant points we took away from his presentation:  

  1. Food is going to be a defining feature of the next few decades and the changes are going to start soon.
  2. The world faces a major challenge in food production and environmental sustainability. Globally we need to produce 70 per cent more food by 2050. This is not just more food but more nutritious food. 
  3. One in four children suffers from protein malnutrition. Metabolic syndrome is becoming widespread and includes: obesity, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and cardio vascular disease. The key to solving this is we don’t just need more food, we need the right types of food.
  4. New Zealand won’t feed the world (we have less than one per cent of global land and less than 50 per cent of that is currently used), but we can help it feed itself. We have an amazing opportunity to help meet those challenges, specifically by value added products and smart technology. We also have a strong story of New Zealand food and export quality that we need to better utilise.
  5. Stick to what we know and do it well, mainly utilising our extensive skills and knowledge in food, agriculture and technology. Utilising organisations like The Food Bowl, businesses need to get creative and follow food trends in health, nutrition, plant based products and products that are naturally occurring here, so we can diversify.

The Sustainable Business Network is working closely within the New Zealand food system with our project The National Good Food Network.

On 18 October we are holding a Kai Hui in the Bay Of Plenty to bring together local people involved with food – all are welcome..