FOOD – watch the winners of this year’s Good Food Boost

28 February 2017

We caught up with the winners of the Good Food Boost. It’s our mentoring programme for fledgling food businesses. See how they make their winning wares, why it’s ‘good’ and what they see in their futures.

Hakanoa Handmade Drinks

Artisan ginger beers and syrups made from classic recipes.

Rebekah Hay says: “We make a beautiful, hand-crafted, hand-brewed array of ginger beers and artisan spice concentrates. We sell to cafés and restaurants.

“They taste delicious and none have any preservatives. We use fresh ginger, fresh lemons and organic sugar. We put the provenance of our ingredients before anything else.

“We are a small business and would like to become a medium business so we can have a good influence on our world.”

Green Spot Technologies

Nutritious flour from fermented fruit and vegetable pulp that would otherwise go to waste.

Silas Villas-Boas says: “We have developed a range of flours for baking. They are produced from a fermentation process using fruit and vegetable by-products.

“The fruit and vegetables come from juicing and beverage companies. They extract the juice but have a mountain of pulp they would otherwise throw away. We take the pulp, ferment it and convert it to high protein, high fibre, low calorie flour that can be used for baking.

“Our goals are to scale up our technology and partner with a food manufacturer to take this product to market.”

Judge Bao

Oyster and hoisin sauces made from natural New Zealand ingredients.

Jamie Johnston and Debbie Orr say: “We’re a mobile food store doing modern Chinese cuisine. We’ve always focused on using local, free range products and composting.

“We had the idea of creating a Chinese condiments range as a healthier alternative to big market brands. We want to know where food comes from. We want to have a relationship with the farmers and growers we work with, so we can grow together. We’ve always been big on supporting other small businesses. We’d love to see our products get onto supermarket shelves.”

Mangarara – The Family Farm

Meat packs from a regenerative agriculture farm in Hawkes Bay.

Greg Hart says: “We’re a farm that’s trying to connect people back to the land though selling a delicious meat box delivered monthly to their door. This is all about raising awareness of land stewardship.

“We carry out regenerative agriculture, which goes beyond organic. It’s all about increasing biodiversity and sequestering carbon into soils. This helps mitigate climate change, cleans waterways and puts more nutrients back into the soil. It also helps build a strong resilient community.

“Ultimately we’d like to get 300 people to buy our monthly meat boxes. That would make our farm financially sustainable. We want to do more research and we already have a number of young people on our farm helping us with this. Education is a big part of what we do, and we host workshops and school groups. We also offer accommodation on our farm. It’s all about connecting people with the land.”


Good Food Boost

This is an annual programme run by the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) and Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED). The four winning fledgling ‘good’ food businesses get expert help and mentoring from some of the nation’s top foodies.

It is part of SBN’s Good Food Nation Project. This brings businesses and community organisations together to solve the social and environmental challenges around our food. These include processed food, food insecurity, diabetes, food waste, soil depletion, and more. We want a future in which every meal in New Zealand features healthy ingredients produced to high environmental standards.

Find out more about the Good Food Boost here, or contact