Foundation Footprint: an award winning carbon accounting tool

22 April 2014

FoundationFootprint™’s carbon accounting tool has earned international recognition from the Environmental Leader.


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FoundationFootprint™ is the only New Zealand product to have been given the Top Product of the Year Award in the Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards 2014.

The FoundationFootprint™ tool helps manages sustainability reporting by automating the collecting and updating of  data, and the sharing of progress and information with stakeholders.

FoundationFootprint™ goes beyond what energy and environmental software typically provides around data collection, by guiding users through the whole review process from supplier through to global approver, and automating the analysis and reporting of the data. The tool also provides a simple, effective way of capturing the experiences and the knowledge within its users.

It was considered by Award judges as an exemplary tool, with one saying:

“The business of managing the collection of data for sustainability reporting is a huge problem for many sustainability professionals. This software appears to be a comprehensive solution that genuinely brings together all those involved in a particular initiative and is not just a numbers-reporting system.”

The Environmental Leader Product and Project Awards recognise excellence in products and services that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits, or in projects implemented by companies that have improved environmental or energy management and increased the bottom line.

FoundationFootprint™ New Zealand founder, Chris Lindley, is delighted with the recognition the carbon accounting tool has received from Environmental Leader, and the positive results it has provided the New Zealand companies who use it.

“Energy and sustainability professionals have a notoriously difficult time knowing what products to choose to help their companies increase energy, environmental and sustainability performance because there’s simply not enough information or credible providers out there. It’s great that the Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards give companies a solid base of products, vetted by experts, to choose from, and even better that FoundationFootprint™ is recognised as one of them,” he says.

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