Free guide – how to deal with your business waste

By Shilo Zhang

Taking full responsibility for the waste our work produces seems like sustainable business 101, but it’s not always that easy. SBN has produced a new guide to assist you.

In a fully functioning circular economy waste would be a thing of the past, and rightly so. Because all waste is the result of costly failures. Failures in product design, distribution systems or collection processes. Failing to take the opportunity to do better. Burying resources under the ground is the linear economy’s way of trying to sweep these failures under the carpet.

It’s the same for your business. Every waste stream coming out of your business represents lost value in terms of resources and lost time and effort dealing with them. Taking responsibility for waste is really basic supply chain management. And in our age of the conscious consumer and conscious worker it demonstrates your business is on purpose and part of making a better world.

The Smart Procurement Guide to Waste Services is one of a series of guides being produced by SBN. The intention is to make smarter procurement standard practice across New Zealand. In the coming months we will be producing a similar guide on cleaning, with more to follow.

Sam McGlennon is the project lead for SBN’s smart procurement work.

He says: “Many of us have more resources at our disposal than we do at home. Using those resources wisely is a big part of how we affect the world around us. What businesses buy, how they buy it and how they dispose of it at the end of its life has a big impact on our economic system. Doing procurement properly incentivises less environmentally damaging modes of production and distribution. It helps to create an overall culture of sustainable business.”

You can get your copy of our free guide here.

If you would like to know more about this work, visit: smartprocurement.org.nz