Future Centre: How will today affect tomorrow?

4 August 2015

Our UK partner Forum for the Future has released a revolutionary new tool with big implications for sustainable businesses. 

The Futures Centre is a free and open resource that allows decision makers to track trends, share resources and find windows into sustainable innovation and collaboration.

Thought provoking articles and the Signal for Change category will keep your company abreast of the biggest opportunities in sustainability from across the world.

Futures Centres curator Anna Simpson says that, “powerful ideas and innovations are emerging all the time that could help solve social, economic and environmental challenges. The Futures Centre is a new platform where you can track these changes and understand their implications.”

The centre harnesses the power of digital networks and so enables people to share stories of change and explore the implications, uncovering where there might be opportunities to act.

It features topic hubs that enable communities of influencers to delve more deeply into the changes facing a particular system or sector – such as The Future of Shipping and The Future of Protein, says Anna.

Forum for the Future has been leading the charge for a better, fairer world by working with big business, government and other organisations to solve the world’s biggest, most complex, issues for the past 20 years.

Register for free at www.thefuturescentre.org and follow The Futures Centre on Twitter: @FuturesCentre


The Sustainable Business Network has partnered with Forum for the Future to bring #TheBigShift campaign to New Zealand. The Big Shift is a simple and effective framework that identifies steps to bring about a big shift in the way we do business for a more sustainable future. It is based around the concept of system innovation which is a set of actions that shift a system – a city, a sector or an economy – onto a more sustainable path.

SBN has adapted The Big Shift framework for New Zealand business, and we are applying it to our projects. The report, Business Opportunities for a Sustainable NZ, released at the end of 2014, summarises the business opportunities identified as part of the first stage of The Big Shift.