Get Active month – Mike Murphy, Managing Director of Kokako, on his love for cycling

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This Get Active month we’re interviewing some of our members to talk about why they love getting active and hopping on their bikes. This week, Kokako’s Managing Director Mike Murphy talks about cycling to work.

Do you encourage cycling as part of your business?

For sure – we campaigned to have bike racks installed outside the Kokako café in Grey Lynn and this was further helped by the fact that our local councillor, Pippa Coom, is a well-known cycling advocate. We were delighted to have the racks installed and they were in use immediately – if you come by our café you will see all sorts of bikes stacked up out front, from elegant weekend cruisers to daily commuter bikes. Our office and café is in an old Post Office and we were fortunate that because of this we inherited the original hanging bike racks from the postie delivery riders. These now provide a safe place in our basement for any of our staff to hang their bikes.

What do you see as the economic, health and environmental values in riding? 

Anecdotally I have noticed that the three or four Kokako staff who commute to work on their bikes every day seem to be in a really good head space, ready to start the day. Because they have exerted some energy on the way to work they always arrive with a positive attitude and this is obviously good for their health and the economic productivity of the business.

Do you or your staff ride?

I ride occasionally on weekends but have not been able to sort the logistics well enough to commute to work. Several of our staff ride to work every day.

What do you think needs to happen for New Zealand to become more bike friendly? 

We need to get more of a critical mass of bike riders – this is already happening and my hope is that it will make vehicle drivers more considerate and safety conscious around cyclists. I am also a big advocate for encouraging more walking and running alongside the benefits of cycling. I do a lot of long-distance walking and running myself and in February last year we hosted a very successful ‘walking tour’ of local sustainable businesses in Grey Lynn. We even had a few people tag along on their bikes!  

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