Get serious about saving water

7 April 2015

Auckland’s water and wastewater services provider Watercare has released a free booklet about water efficiency, ‘Be Waterwise for businesses and organisations’. Read on for five tips for about saving water and saving money.

Since water and wastewater are charged volumetrically in Auckland, using less water will reduce your water and wastewater charges, while also reducing energy bills and your carbon footprint.

The move is aimed at encouraging water efficiency in the region and ties into the goal of reducing gross per capita water consumption by 15 per cent by 2025.

The downloadable booklet offers an array of tips and tricks for small businesses through to large, industrial companies as well as industry-specific information and case studies.

1) Fix it properly:
NZ Bakels decided to replace a whole section of underground water main instead of just patching over a leak. Their water consumption went down 50 per cent.

2) Get manager buy in:
This increases employee engagement, makes implementation of water-efficiency initiatives easy and mandates managers to lead by example.

3) Undertake a water audit:
This will help establish a baseline so you can see how your efficiency initiatives are tracking (as well as help you understand where your company’s water is going)

4) Find some areas to improve on:
This could include

  • Leak checking
  • Waterless options (e.g. cleaning with brooms instead of a water blaster)
  • Reducing water pressure
  • Encouraging water-efficient behaviours in the work place (like filling the sink with water instead of washing dishes under a running tap)
  • Investigate water efficient products in the market

5) Reap serious savings:
Backed by an understanding of their water consumption patterns, Unitec implemented conservation measures, reducing their water and wastewater costs by $160,000.

Download the resource for more information.