Hop to for a sustainable Easter

14 April 2014

As Easter holiday rolls around again, we’re taking a look at five ways to make it more sustainable.

The Easter holidays are our favourite: sharing hot cross buns and chocolate treats with friends,  family and colleagues. It can be hard to know how to choose sustainable treats – so we’ve found five ways you can make your Easter more sustainable.

  • Watch out for palm oil.

Auckland Zoo is encouraging everyone to help Southeast Asian rainforest species this Easter by choosing palm oil-free chocolate and other widely consumed foods. Palm oil is found in some brands of hot cross buns, and also in many Easter chocolates. Check out Auckland Zoo’s Palm Oil Free Guide for palm oil-free chocolate. You can make your own palm oil-free hot cross buns using this recipe.

  • Choose Fairtrade certified chocolate

Your purchasing power can change the lives of cocoa farmers around the world, by choosing Fairtrade Certified chocolate. Look for chocolate with the Fairtrade mark. Click here to find out where you can buy fair trade chocolate.

  • Choose Easter treats that aren’t packaged in plastic

Some of those Easter treats are wrapped in a lot of plastic and cardboard. Seek out Easter treats with less packaging to cut down on the amount of waste generated. A fun school holiday activity is making your own Easter eggs using this recipe.

  • Donate to SAFE instead of buying chocolate

Consider making a donation to an animal welfare group, such as SAFE, or make a donation to Auckland Zoo in lieu of buying chocolate. Better for your conscience and your waistline!

  • Use certified free range eggs

If you choose to buy real eggs to decorate this Easter, make sure they are free range. Many companies claim their eggs are free range. You can tell if an egg is free range by looking carefully at the packaging: if there is a BioGro, Demeter, or AsureQuality Organic NZ logo on the packet, they are free range. If the package carries the SPCA logo, these eggs are also a safe bet. 

Here’s an innovative move by Sainsbury’s supermarket in the UK, which is offering its customers dedicated recycling facilities for Easter egg packaging. Wouldn’t it be good to see this in New Zealand! 

The team at SBN wishes you and yours a happy Easter!