Imagine reducing your carbon at a click.

By Wendy Chen

Imagine if your customers could simply tick a box to add a contribution to offset the carbon footprint of their activity… And then receive an email or app notification showing the native forest conservation project they had contributed to. Wendy Chen from CarbonClick explains.

CarbonClick is an exciting NZ tech start-up that is creating a simple carbon offset system, enabling large-scale carbon sequestration by creating ‘offsetting as a service”. This will enable thousands of businesses to quickly and easily implement transactional carbon offsetting into their product development and/or customer purchasing journey.

By making it simple for both consumers and businesses, CarbonClick aims to make offsetting ubiquitous, empowering everyone to make a measurable impact in the fight against climate change.

Carbon offsetting is about “giving credit”, to encourage those who plant trees and undertake other carbon-friendly activities, and recognise their efforts and contributions to reducing our collective impact on the planet. A landowner who chooses to convert their existing dairy farmland to a native forest plantation, for example, ought to be rewarded for doing so. Revenues generated by offset purchases provide critical funding for many projects that reduce greenhouse gases.

“We are conscious that not all carbon offsets are equal – and that the quality of the offsets that we sell to consumers is crucial to gaining consumers’ trust,” says Jan Czaplicki, co-founder of CarbonClick. “That’s why we are working with New Zealand broker EKOS, who is supplying us with carbon credits from forest regeneration projects with certification under high-quality international carbon credit programmes such as Gold Standard and Plan Vivo.”

The first thing that many people wonder when presented with a carbon-offsetting opportunity is, “where will my money go?” How will CarbonClick ensure that a customer’s money is indeed going towards these forest regeneration projects? We asked Jan, and it turns out guaranteed transparency is built into the foundations of CarbonClick. “Our platform is built on blockchain which ensures immutability and provides complete transparency,” says Jan.

CarbonClick is one of six companies that came through the recent Centrality / Lightning Lab Accelerator programme. Centrality is one of the world’s leading blockchain venture studios, and is building an extensive library of tools that every developer, business and start-up needs to create world-class blockchain applications. They are backed by a global investor network who understand their vision to help the planet transition to a decentralised future.

Technology can help with other aspects of a business’s sustainability strategy too. “We are also seeing a demand from companies for tracking, data and ability to offset internal (i.e., staff) carbon-generating activities, as an important part of the company walking the talk in terms of their sustainability goals and also to raise employee engagement,” says Jan.

CarbonClick is now working with foundation business partners in key verticals to bring its software solution to market. The benefits for businesses in working with CarbonClick in outsourcing a customer carbon-offsetting programme are obvious, as Jan explains. “We are working with sustainability managers as well as marketing managers at some well-known New Zealand companies. The feedback we are receiving is that they are impressed at the speed with which we will be able to help them execute on their sustainability initiatives, within their own customer channels. The fact that they don’t have to set up their own relationships with carbon brokers, as well as the simplicity of our technical integration, makes it so easy for businesses to engage with us.”

We are pleased to welcome CarbonClick as a new member of the Sustainable Business Network.