Introducing Inbound! Helping sustainable businesses grow through smarter marketing

By jay

Time warp your online presence and skyrocket your customer potential with Ben Male, co-founder of new SBN member Inbound.

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Hey all, my name is Ben and I’m a Co-Founder of INBOUND!

We’re really excited to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves, explain who we are, and what Inbound Marketing is all about. Let’s kick this off with two questions:

Raise your hand if you know of any businesses (including your own), that would like more visitors to their website, more leads for their sales team and more customers to fuel growth?

Now, raise your hand again if you enjoy spam emails, cold calls from overly-eager salespeople or pop-up ads on websites?

Chances are your hand was probably not up that second time!

The problem here is a fundamental mismatch between how organisations are marketing and selling their offerings – and the way people actually want to shop and buy.

Here are the three main ways people shop and gather information today:

The use of search engines – such as Google.

The average information seeker conducts dozens of searches a day. Rather than listening to a sales rep, watching or reading an ad, most people find it easier to sit at their computer and search through Google to seek more information and reviews about their needs and the potential solutions.

Subscribing and reading through blogs.

There are hundreds of millions of blogs in existence today, with a host of pontificators for virtually every industry and consumer niche you can think of. And the thing is, blogs are good. They’re influential and engaging. Your customers aren’t reading magazines and trade publications anymore, they’re subscribing to blogs in industries they’re interested in.

Learning and shopping through social media sites

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. Personally, blogs and YouTube (found through Google!) are where I go to watch/read reviews on a product before considering a purchase.

To be successful and grow your business, you need to be matching consumer learning and shopping habits with your marketing strategy. You do this by generating leads through inbound marketing.

A lead is a prospect – a potential customer – that has given you some indication they want to engage with your content. You might generate a lead by offering a free 10-step checklist, where the prospect has to fill out a form with their contact details to receive this.

The beauty of this is two-fold: you not only know that someone is downloading your content and is interested in what you sell, but you also have their details to follow up with and ask if they have any questions at all. You’re now driving engagement and you’re offering real value: you’ve assisted this prospect in their learning process, and you’ve offered your services to help them learn even more.

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This value-driven chain is what needs to be implemented throughout your entire marketing process to consistently offer value to your prospects. Like we said earlier, if you match your prospects’ learning and shopping habits with your market strategy, you’re on your way to hugely improve your online presence.

The last thing is to make sure you actually appear when people search for your industry’s offerings! This means you need to feature on the first page of Google for your given specialty. Our speciality (our traditional roots) is local SEO (search engine optimisation) in Auckland. If you google the keyword “Local SEO Auckland” we’re the first to appear underneath the ads. We even feature on the map with our location. We don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that we walk our talk and are the best at what we do.

The best thing about all this: it’s simple. Writing a consistent blog that offers value and maintaining a strong social presence is not difficult to carry out. After all, you know your market and your customers best.

INBOUND’s offering

Now, what really matters to us is helping other businesses succeed. Our entire model, all our work we do, is to help businesses grow and become impactful and respected in their industries. With our passion for sustainable business, we’ve shaped ourselves to be in a position to help you as much as possible: we have free educational content, inbound courses, live training sessions, videos, blogs. We’ll even jump on board as part of the team as advisors or inbound marketers: whatever it is that will help you the most.

  • We help you boost sales through increased customer engagement.
  • We help you create really valuable content people really want to read.
  • We help you organise your online presence so you sit at the top of local Google searches.

The steps you need to take next

The initial step that needs to take place is to get recognised online – and that comes from local SEO. If you haven’t heard of SEO, if you’re looking to invest in SEO, or if you are already investing in SEO, check out our ultimate guide to SEO in 2016. It’s free, and teaches you everything an NZ SEO agency would usually charge $6,000+ for.

Steven Male (CEO at Inbound) will walk you through step-by-step how your SEO campaign should be built from the ground up and how to really start generating results online. To give you an idea of the quality of his work, his previous courses on SEO are world-renowned, have had over 4,200 students and received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. We’re actually gearing up for a new course starting May the 2nd: check it out as it’s SBN’s offer of the month!

Warning: it’s long! This guide is comprehensive. It contains a wealth of information that’s only accessible if it’s given the time it deserves. If you take each step seriously, you’ll be scoring leads in no time.

If you don’t have the time for your team or yourself to learn these strategies, we’re more than happy to jump in and help. We do free consultations for SBN members, followed by us leaving you free and easily executable advice to get yourself going. And if you need it, we can join the team and help execute these strategies ourselves.

And that’s us! We’re excited to be part of the SBN membership team. Our goal is to add as much value as possible and grow the heck out of your businesses!

Jump on our site, have a look around and get in touch with us when you’re free for a chat. We love talking business growth over coffee!

Talk soon,