Introducing Dave Watson, SBN’s national network manager

26 April 2017

The Sustainable Business Network is growing and investing in its members. Our latest recruit brings a broad range of expertise to support your business.

Dave Watson is SBN’s newest staff member. His role is focused on direct support to our members. He comes to SBN with an impressive pedigree in sustainable business. He has had a 20-year career in the film industry as an art director and production designer. He has worked in sustainability as an energy efficiency consultant for the built environment. He continued his career as a sustainability consultant while completing a Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice at Otago Polytechnic. He has since worked with a diverse range of consultancies and clients.

“I have developed community projects,” says Dave. “I have worked directly on most of the areas that affect an organisations’ sustainability performance. I have run my own business, so I know what it’s like to be out there driving change and being a member of the SBN. This has provided a good varied background and broad understanding of sustainability and the challenges businesses in New Zealand face.”

Dave will now be focusing on providing outstanding services to our members. This will include helping to ensure all our members get maximum value from membership. There’s a huge range of events, tools, connections and profile raising communications available to them.

Dave will also be working with our regional co-ordinators to support and expand the work they do.

“It’s an exciting time to be part of SBN,” says Dave. “The relationships we have give us a unique position to provide enduring value to our members.”

Procurement and consulting support are key areas of interest for Dave. But his core work will be all about dialing in to the needs of individual member businesses.

“My job is to ensure members have a great service and get the value they rightfully demand”, he says. “We want all members to know that we understand what they are trying to achieve and what their issues are.”

SBN’s continued expansion is based on a growing awareness of the need for improved sustainable business practice across all sectors in New Zealand. SBN intends to take full advantage of this resurgence of concern. It’s all part of propelling New Zealand towards its rightful place as a model sustainable nation.

Dave says: “I think we are at a point where businesses are really starting to have to look at their sustainability performance. They might be driven by a raising awareness within the organisation, the need for integrated reporting to shareholders or by changing regulatory drivers. There are a lot of factors coming together so that businesses are having to look at what they are doing. I think that’s creating an exciting opportunity for SBN. We are perfectly placed to support members to better understand their sustainability challenges. We have the expertise and solutions to meet the challenges.”

SBN members can reach Dave directly on 021728642 or email