It’s Get Active month!

2 February 2016

Bike 2050’s ‘Get Active’ month is upon us! Throughout February there will be cycling events and competitions, so here’s a reminder of all the opportunities to put our feet on pedals, bums on bikes and get active.

Auckland Bike Challenge

Get Active month 1

First off, Auckland Transport is running the Auckland Bike Challenge, a competition between workplaces to see which team can get the most people to ride for at least 10 minutes.

This whole event is all about participation, not how far you ride. Chances at individual prizes are earned through encouraging others to ride and the team contest is getting the most participation from your colleagues.

There are six size categories for the team competition so you’ll be competing with other organisations of similar size. Your score will be based on the percentage of total staff that participate in the challenge.

Be sure to sign up here as there are cool prizes to be won.

If you’ve already registered, check out this page here to help encourage and organise your fellow colleagues to get cycling too!

Go By Bike Day

Get Active Month 2

Go By Bike Day is coming up on February the 10th. This is a national day organised by Bike Wise to help everyone give cycling a go with family, friends and the community.

You can register your own event for your workplace here or just head to one of the events already organised on this page here.

There are events running throughout the whole country, so be sure to check out if there are any events running in your locale or just organise your own!

Miramar Peninsula Ciclovia 2016

Get Active month 3

Just for the people in Wellington, there’s a fantastic opportunity to have a romp through the Miramar Peninsula on Valentine’s Day, 14 February from 9am to 9pm. The Miramar Peninsula will be closed to cars and motorbikes between the north end of Shelly Bay and Scorching Bay, so you can walk, cycle, skate, or scooter this wonderful piece of Wellington coast, as a family, with friends, or just by yourself.

Safety & Training

With all these fun events around the corner, remember the most important part of cycling is to stay safe!

As we’ve previously mentioned, remember to:

  • Plan out your cycle routes. Knowing exactly where you’re going with the best available cycle paths minimises risk for you and your companions.
  • Know your road rules! The roads are public highways and you’ll be sharing them with other people. To keep everyone safe, have a copy of the official NZ Code for Cyclists available for you, employees and everyone else to read.
  • Be visible! Make it easy for people to see you by making sure everyone is wearing bright and colourful clothing especially on days with low visibility conditions.
  • Provide maintained and road-worthy bikes for your employees to use.
  • Ensure employees wear a helmet and obey the road rules at all times.
  • Ensure there are shower facilities available at your workplace.
  • Cycle training and education is readily available. Check out Adventure Capital or enquire through your local council.
  • If you have any worries about health and workplace safety in regards to cycling for the Health and Safety Act 2015, be sure to read through the advice from the Cycle Action Network.

As mentioned above, if you need any help with either training or gear rental, remember to check out Adventure Capital! Their team can get you going with your bike adventures and help you stay safe.

Auckland Transport has great resources for training available here and can help you plan your courses from beginner to whatever you want here.

Let’s dive into this February, get active, go cycling and enjoy the rest of this summer to the fullest!

Thank you to Inbound for writing this article.