Join the Thunderclap!

2 June 2015

On 3rd June, Conscious Consumers is launching a massive crowdfunding campaign to help build a revolutionary technology that will transform every dollar you spend into a vote for a better world.

The campaign, which is called ‘Count Me In’, will run for six weeks on the Pledge Me platform. It’s simple to support it through your own social media account.

Ben Gleisner, Co-founder and CEO of Conscious Consumers, is extremely excited about the idea. “More will be revealed tomorrow, but a key part of the technology is a world-first Good Spend Counter,” he says. “The counter aggregates all electronic transactions that consumers make in Conscious Consumers’ businesses – to help show these businesses that their efforts to do good will be rewarded.”

The Sustainable Business Network is supporting the Count Me In campaign, which is being launched on Wednesday morning by a social media flash mob (aka ‘Thunderclap’). You can sign up your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account to support the Thunderclap with the click of a button. When you do so, your account automatically sends a message, along with hundreds of other people, when ‘Count Me In’ goes live at 10am tomorrow morning (3rd June).

Conscious Consumers is a business accreditation programme and consumer movement that makes it easy to find sustainable businesses in the hospitality sector, learn about the positive impacts they are having and show your support for their efforts.

Over the last few years Conscious Consumers has built a movement of thousands of consumers and accredited hundreds of businesses – supporting many of them to improve how they operate. 

Ben says it’s time this movement was taken to the next level, in order to drive more significant positive change across the entire economy. ‘Count Me In’ is the crowdfunding campaign that will help make the Good Spend Counter a reality. So do your bit to help fund it by signing up your social media account today!