Karma Cola cracks the UK market (plus Gingerella Rockerfeller recipe)

10 February 2015

All Good Organics, famous for its Fairtrade, organic soft drinks, has started production in the UK to meet increased demand. The UK market is filled with possibilities with one in three bananas and one quarter of all coffee sold being Fairtrade.

The product range (Karma Cola, Lemmy Lemonade and Gingerella Ginger Ale presented in glass bottles with beautiful artwork) is unique in that it has a direct connection with its small-scale producers. For example, proceeds from Karma Cola go straight back to the people of Boma village in Sierra Leone, where the cola nut used in the drink is grown. Nearly $40,000 NZD has already gone to Boma, and has been used to build a bridge and a rice processing station, helped to combat Ebola and sent nearly 50 children to school.

The move hasn’t been without its challenges. Lemmy Lemonade was renamed to Lemony, as the name Lemmy had already been taken. However, this has had little impact on the popularity of the Karma Cola range, which looks set to explode throughout Europe. Nine months since they started selling in the UK, All Good Organics has over 250 UK accounts, including big names like Harvey Nichols and Peter Gordon’s The Providores, and deals with Waitrose and Whole Foods Market in the pipeline.  The company has also adhered to the strict UK organic Soil Association certification.

It is this increasing demand and the market potential that led All Good to start producing Karma Cola outside of New Zealand for the first time.  The drinks are being made in the UK by the Showring family at Somerset’s Brothers Brewery. The family-run business has been crafting traditional Somerset cider for more than 200 years.  All Good Organics co-owner, Chris Morrison, says Brothers Brewery shares the same values as its West-Auckland-conceived company.   

“We felt it was a much more sustainable option to produce our products in market to meet growing demand in the UK and Europe than to continue shipping our drinks across the world. We understand there is a strong consumer demand to buy local products in the UK, and this way we can support local people and suppliers, just as we do in the New Zealand market.”

The product range is also sold in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau.

Here’s a nice, summery after-work (non-alcoholic) refresher from the gang at Karma Cola.

Gingerella Rockerfeller
Summer in a glass, created by Delaney Mes.

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Ice & large pitcher

Punnet raspberries (or cup of frozen ones)

3 limes


4 bottles Gingerella

In a large pitcher, place a handful of ice.

Add a punnet of raspberries (or a cup of frozen ones).

Squeeze in the juice of two limes.

Add another lime, cut into thin slices for garnish.

Throw in a bunch of mint.

Top with four bottles of Gingerella.