King St: helping sustainable companies to shine

17 May 2016

Convincing companies to run their business sustainably takes great communication, concrete evidence and an inspiring attitude. King St is an advertising and marketing agency that works in this area with horticultural company Trevelyan’s.

Trevelyan’s is a Bay of Plenty kiwifruit and avocado post-harvest operator and is fully committed to sustainable business practices. It now benchmarks its entire operation in an annual Sustainability Report which is produced by King St each year.

“Our way of contributing to the sustainability movement here in New Zealand is to really do a great job of communicating the efforts of others,” explains King St group general manager Tim Paton.

“We help Trevelyan’s promote the benefits of their approach to the environment and their staff, but we also really focus on the fact that sustainability makes strong economic and financial sense.

“By communicating these messages in an effective, compelling way, we’re then able to encourage other businesses to follow suit.”

Successful Team

King St’s team of marketing experts, designers and writers work together to help Trevelyan’s produce their annual Sustainability Report based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 framework.

Their combined efforts led to Trevelyan’s being recognised in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards where they were named a finalist in the ‘communicating sustainability’ category.

Tim says a combination of great content, compelling design and an effective PR strategy has been the key to showcasing Trevelyan’s sustainability success.

“We’ve worked alongside our client to develop a great structure and layout for each report. Trevelyan’s can communicate their economic, social and environmental performance and clearly show the progress they’re making year-by-year.”

In its latest report, Trevelyan’s outlines how they have tackled issues such as carbon emissions, waste to landfill, biodiversity and corporate social responsibility in 2015. Only 10 per cent of the resources the company handles now go to landfill despite Trevelyan’s increased production and on-site expansion.

They’ve also managed to divert over 100 tandem trailers of green waste to landfill – instead producing 200 tonnes of compost that was spread over the company’s gardens, lawns and orchards.

Trevelyan’s success has also been trumpeted in local media thanks to King St’s efforts behind the scenes.

Changing Perceptions

Tim has personally been involved with the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) for a number of years and is genuinely passionate about helping other companies embrace this approach.

King St itself is also walking the talk, and is about to take on SBN’s Get Sustainable Challenge which will benchmark the company against other participants and highlight where sustainability improvements can be made internally.

The agency, which has offices in Hamilton and Tauranga, is keen to work with other companies who want to become more sustainable or better communicate their current efforts.

“We’re very passionate about changing people’s perceptions. Sustainability is not a tree-hugging exercise. It’s a very sound business approach that can help you increase your bottom line, improve your company culture and protect your environment all at the same time,” Tim says.

“Some companies have difficulty communicating those ideas to their employees, clients or peers and getting everyone on board. And that’s where King St can help.

“We truly believe in the power of sustainability and we have all the specialist skills and experience needed to help you get your message across.”