Launch of NZ Activity Map

12 August 2014

Today SBN is launching a new interactive web tool to collate the wide range of sustainable business activity taking place across New Zealand.

The NZ Activity Map is a very simple tool that makes it easy for SBN members to view details of a range of active projects and case studies. They are categorised into four Transformation Areas: renewables, community, mega efficiency and restorative. The projects include those that SBN is involved in as well as our members’ projects, products and services.

SBN members can use the NZ Activity Map track progress, learn and contribute to our four major work streams:

We have created the tool in partnership with ecoPortal, a developer of sustainability management software.

Rachel Brown, CEO of the Sustainable Business Network, says she’s thrilled to be launching the NZ Activity Map. “There is so much innovative activity taking place across the country and this tool is a great visual application that allows us to collate it all. It includes details of member case studies and projects, images, videos, reports and blogs,” she says.

“Access to the projects will allow input from a host of players and different sectors to help work towards the challenges inherent in our four transformation areas. It allows for each area to share a common vision, aligning efforts, and using common measures of success so that we can collectively advance this very important and transformational work.”

“ecoPortal is proud to be supporting the SBN and the NZ Activity Map with our sustainability software platform,” says Dr Manuel Seidel, Director of ecoPortal. “ecoPortal was developed in New Zealand to help organisations overcome the challenges they face in effectively improving their sustainability performance,” he says.

“Our vision is to provide companies with the tools they need to translate their strategy into action by enabling stakeholders to collaborate in supporting organisations on their sustainability journeys.”

How does the NZ Activity Map work?

The NZ Activity Map is comprised of a series of interactive rings. Users simply click on rings to view project detail, case studies, images, videos, reports and blogs:

  • The outermost ring contains information about each Transformation Area (renewables, community, mega efficiency and restorative). This includes the visions and aims associated with each area.
  • The middle rings contain information about sustainability initiatives and case studies taking place around the country, run by our members.
  • Inner rings house detail of SBN projects associated with each transformation area. These include our four key work streams.

How can I access it?

If you’re an SBN member please contact us so we can send you a link to the NZ Activity Map.

Not a member? Sorry, but the NZ Activity Map is a member-only benefit. Find out more about joining us here.

How can I add my business initiative to the NZ Activity Map?

SBN members can add initiatives and case studies to the NZ Activity Map. Once you have logged in, you will see instructions of how to share your sustainability stories on the Activity Map.