Lovenotes hits 500,000 milestone

10 February 2015

Auckland-based thoughtful stationery company Lovenotes is halfway to completing its monumental milestone of reusing one million pieces of office scrap paper and transforming them into beautiful notebooks.

The company started five years ago as a hobby project for founder Amanda Judd. She was working in an office for a company that produced mountains of paper waste. Collecting up the scraps, she returned it to her father, who works at a printing office, and restocked the stationery cupboards at her work with Lovenotes notebooks.

Two years later, Amanda tweaked the business model to improve customer service and, since then, has run Lovenotes as a service. New companies sign up and throw their one-sided waste paper into boxes. This gets sent to Lovenotes, made into stationery and then returned to the company. One box of paper, which holds about 2000 sheets of paper, is transformed into around 40 A5 notebooks or up to 80 notebooks of varying sizes. The cover designs change twice a year (it takes about six month to fill up one of Lovenotes’ boxes) to keep your desktop accessories looking fresh.

Since their inception, the company has grown exponentially and now boasts 85 partners (including SBN and our members Unitec, Auckland District Health Board, ATEED, Auckland Council and Raw Essentials).  Most of the businesses are located in Auckland, but Lovenotes can also service businesses outside the area using courier services.

The ‘1 Million Milestone’ idea started as a way to create a collective goal which would unite the varied partner members.  “We were trying to work out exactly what the collective impact was that everyone was buying into,” says Chief LandscaperReza Fuard.  “We thought, what’s a crazy goal? What about reusing one million pieces of paper?”

This week, they hit the half way mark. By repurposing 500,000 pieces of waste paper, the company has saved 31 trees and 25,000 bath tubs full of water.  Membership growth is doubling every year, with 40 members joining in 2014, and, says Fuardthey are confident that they will reach their million-milestone goal within a year.

Lovenotes is a great example of the Sustainable Business Network’s work stream on Accelerating the Circular Economy in NZ , which focuses on optimising the use of all precious resources and reutilising all materials at the end of life of a product.

Help Lovenotes reach their one million milestone here: