MEMBER PROJECT – Do you have smart office solutions to share?

15 November 2016

SBN’s new nationwide Smart Office Guide will cover best practice in energy efficiency, ICT, workplace strategy, waste management, cleaning and office supplies.

It will allow easy access to the latest thinking on options to improve sustainability, efficiency and productivity.

These days office managers looking to make the right decisions on workplace supplies and systems have a lot to think about. At SBN we want to cut through the complexity and offer a concise guide on how to create the best human centred sustainable office you can.

We have partnered with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority to harness the knowledge of our member businesses in the sector. In each area we are looking for ideas in three areas. The simple changes that can be easily made right now. The established technologies and services that offer the best return on investment. The cutting edge ideas that could put you ahead of the pack.

If you have ideas you want to share, get in touch. Your contribution will help us to build up the guide. Selected material will be featured in the publication, along with acknowledgement of the members involved. Contributing is free as part of membership – we only ask for your time for us to talk through your ideas.

James Griffin, project leader, says: “This will be a completely new, comprehensive and practical resource. It will accelerate the adoption of savvy, high-efficiency options for today’s workplaces. We would love you to take part.”

Already the guide will feature contributions from  Staples, Ricoh, Philips, Reclaim, Warren and Mahoney 

The guide will feature product and service providers. It will be used nationwide, by businesses running offices from large to small, and the businesses that serve them.

If you would like to be included, contact or 021 686 155 to find out more.