MILLENNIALS – Ready to party? The Now Crowd is launching!

1 August 2017

The Now Crowd is launching!

Two young SBN professionals are launching a new programme of collaborative action. It will help secure purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling work for the Millennial generation.

The Now Crowd is a new initiative from the Sustainable Business Network. It’s intended to engage and equip those in the early stages of their careers. It will empower and enable participants to drive sustainability change in the organisations they work for.

The Crowd is being brought together by SBN’s events manager Alyssa Thorp and communications assistant Brigitte Hicks. They have enlisted the talents of Ella Gordon-Latty and Alice Marsh to get the project up and running.

Brigitte says: “People our age are always asking us how to get into sustainable business. Where are the best jobs? How can we make change happen? Where can we get help? This will provide the answers.”

Alyssa says: “There’s a whole generation of new professionals determined to make the world a better place. We needed a way to get together and support each other. The Sustainable Business Network is the ideal basis on which to build this.”

We’re initially targeting young professionals from the SBN membership. Those keen will gain access to Now Crowd events as part of their organisation’s existing membership at no additional charge.  Non SBN-members can join Now Crowd events throughout the year with a $250 individual membership to SBN.

In the first stage of the programme. The Crowd will take on each issue in a two month ‘sprint’. This will be backed with events, joint actions and mutual support and inspiration.

The Crowd is initially looking to select 30 people for an Auckland pilot.

Brigitte says: “We want to build a community of early-stage professionals ready, able and willing to help transform New Zealand.”

The Now Crowd will launch at a casual party and information evening for early stage professionals in Auckland. It’s being held at the Glass Goose, Federal Street on August 22, 5.30-7pm, with a cash bar. Registration is free but numbers are limited.

Rachel Brown is the CEO of SBN. She says: “Multiple studies have shown how Millennials want positive change. But the barriers to action in every day careers can lead to a lack of purpose and fulfilment. For businesses this can mean a high turnover of good people. Or it can mean failing to realise the enormous benefits of highly motivated idealistic workers. So I would encourage all our Auckland members to get folks in early stage careers into this. It’s going to be massive.”

The team wants to talk to anyone interested in partnering with The Now Crowd. Contact to find our more.

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The Now Crowd is launching!