Million Dollar Milestone

By Anne Gummer

SBN’s Million Metres team woke up feeling like a million bucks this morning…read on to find out why!

Million Metres has reached a very exciting milestone this week – one million dollars raised for community waterway restoration projects across Aotearoa. Woo hoo!

As an SBN member please give yourself a big high 5! Through your membership subscription you have contributed directly to this result. Thanks a million!

Here are some more numbers to make you smile:

Over 4 years, 1,000,000 dollars has been donated to Million Metres by 1,800 individuals and businesses. To date, these funds have supported 41 community-led waterway restoration projects across 9 regions of the country. 100s of volunteers have helped get plants in the ground. This all adds up to 45,000 metres of riverbank restored with 90,000 native trees. And these numbers – and trees – are growing every day!

But of course Million Metres’ mission is about much more than the numbers.

At the heart of what inspires Million Metres’ work is New Zealanders’ connection to, and love for our natural environment.

Million Metres works to celebrate, strengthen and activate this connection. It’s our belief that this bond is key to a future in which we once again have healthy waterways, healthy ecosystems and ultimately a healthy planet. Reconnecting people to our land and water is vital if we want to protect and restore Aotearoa’s water for generations to come.

As we mark this million dollar milestone, Million Metres wants to acknowledge all the Kiwis – both donors and project groups – who are making a real difference to New Zealand’s environment. We look forward to continuing this journey together to restore our precious waterways.

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