Million Metres reaches funding milestone

25 November 2014

The Million Metres Streams Project – the crowdfunding website SBN has set up to speed up riparian restoration – has reached a major milestone. The first stream restoration project is all but half funded, with 649 metres of the target 1400 achieved.

“Credit goes to Sustainable Business Network members and a handful of private donors who kicked off the project with their generous donations,” says Claire Warren, Million Metres Streams (MMS) Communications Manager. “We’re now working hard to get the balance of funding – 752 metres or $27,072 by Christmas. There are still opportunities for businesses to get involved by purchasing metres of stream restoration.”

This restoration project, a tributary to the Whitestone River near Te Anau, Southland, is part of a former deer farm where stream restoration has been underway for some time. Among other things, riparian planting will prevent sediment and phosphates entering this section of the stream. 

To get this project over the line, MMS is inviting businesses and corporates to donate amounts between $1000 and $9000. Once the project is fully funded, MMS will promote several landowners’ amazing restoration stories, and the business and corporate donors who have helped make it possible. It will be a great demonstration of how collectively businesses, individuals and landowners are all working to improve our water quality.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for an organisation to demonstrate to staff and customers its commitment to restoring the health of our waterways, and interests in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. These contributions will also help us build momentum, which is vitally important for getting other businesses on board with the MMS project,” says Claire.

Other initiatives to increase website donations overall include helping landowners find donors through their own community networks. MMS aims to provide an online tool kit for sending out emails and getting local businesses and media interested in landowners’ restoration stories.

MMS also plans to facilitate dollar for dollar matchfunding, where corporates and businesses can match community funding with their own financial contribution. This will help landowners get their projects funded, and give businesses a compelling story to tell customers and staff, as well as all-important visibility among local communities.

Congratulations to the MMS team for progress so far, and thanks to the first donors who kicked off the first project. Check out the website – – or drop Claire or Rebecca a line to discuss further opportunities with the Million Metres Streams Project. 

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