New strategy – SBN is all about IMPACT!

By Rachel Brown

After 18 years as a membership organisation, SBN is transitioning to become a network of Investors for Impact!

This means that as of this month we are reframing our work. We’ll be moving forward as a network of organisations and people collectively investing in and acting on system change. Our key areas of focus will be climate, waste and water.

Current members will continue to enjoy their membership benefits until their renewal date. When it’s time to renew, they can re-enrol as an Investor for Impact. This will come with a host of continuing benefits and some new ones. Annual fees will stay the same.

Investing in our network will include involvement in three main initiatives:

  1. Collaborating on our system change projects on climate, waste and water.
  2. Building your sustainability capability through our learning, training and leadership programmes, tools and resources.
  3. Connecting with suppliers and buyers with more B2B networking and referrals through our network. This will link with our new Procurement Leadership Group, which will create the much-needed processes to instil the fundamental supply chain changes we need.

You can find out more here.

The SBN team is super excited about the year ahead. We really appreciate and thank our investors for the role they are playing and their support for our collective work.

Please contact us with any questions, suggestions, comments or inspirations you have.

Exciting times!