Northland and Auckland waterways get lucky this Christmas

By Shilo Zhang

Christmas has come early for Million Metres after receiving $200,000 in funding from Foundation North, making the goal of planting one million trees by 2026 a whole lot easier.

Over the next year, Million Metres will support 12 projects in the Northland and Auckland regions which will add to the already completed 21 waterway restoration projects in these areas.

Georgina Hart, Million Metres Project Lead, says this funding will go a long way in getting more trees in the ground to restore Aotearoa’s waterways.

“This funding will allow us to support communities in Auckland and Northland who want to take care of their waterways but aren’t sure how, or need help to access the knowledge and resources required to make their restoration successful.

“We will continue to build on what we have learnt so far, to support these regions in planting approximately 60 kilometres of waterways over the next two years.”

Through planting days and a range of other events, Million Metres aims to reconnect New Zealanders with nature and waterways.

“In turn, we hope this personal involvement will build a sense of guardianship for our environment.”

Million Metres is a project of the Sustainable Business Network (SBN). It supports community led waterway planting of native plants and trees up and down the country, which is done through a crowdfunding website, technical support, and partnerships with New Zealand businesses.

To date, Million Metres has supported the planting of 370,000 native trees and plants across 55,000 metres of New Zealand’s waterways.