NZ Eco Fashion Week

2 June 2015

Attention fashionistas! NZ’s only eco fashion designer runway event is just around the corner. We chat with organiser Denise Anglesey to find out why you should support eco fashion and our own Laurie Foon, who’s getting more than a bit excited.

Taking place in Lower Hutt from 9-13 June 2015, this year’s showcase of sustainable, ethical and cutting edge fashion is expected to be the biggest yet.

Denise Anglesey, Director of NZ Eco Fashion Week, says ‘eco’ fashion means taking care of people and the environment as part of the production process.

“Eco fashion includes clothes that are ethically sourced – such as Fairtrade or certified organic; clothes that are manufactured sustainably in New Zealand; items that have been upcycled, either by using factory waste or by salvaging used clothing that would otherwise have gone to landfill; and recycled clothing – where old clothes are given a new lease on life.”

Denise says the event, which she is expecting to sell out, is a full-scale production involving music and audio-visual entertainment. “The designers are all different and clothes range from casual daywear to street wear and avant garde fashion. There’s something for everyone.

“Part of ‘eco’ means accepting who you are and we wanted to reflect that on the runway. So in addition to some international models we use every day people as models.”

No one is more excited about attending NZ Eco Fashion Week in the SBN office than our Wellington Coordinator Laurie Foon, who for 20 years was the Director and Designer of Starfish Clothing, one of New Zealand’s leading eco fashion labels.

“The fashion landscape is so different from our grandmothers’ day, when they may have only owned one coat and three dresses that they looked after with great care. Today our children are exposed to fast fashion – clothes that cost $20 and can be thrown out the next day. I’m concerned about the choices open to my own children, who are starting to want to look good. What fashion alternatives are there?” she asks.

“For me, events like NZ Eco Fashion Week are about celebrating and supporting local designers who are trying to create beautiful clothes and help us make better choices.”

“I believe that if we can support designers to make informed decisions as part of the design process, we can minimise the negative impact of fashion on the planet and can have a positive impact on the people who design and produce them – people we can’t see.”

Laurie’s highlights of the week are:

  • An evening with Miranda Brown, director of Conscious Cloth, 11th June
  • Eco Pop Up Store on Jackson Street, Petone, on now until 12th
  • Designer Runway, Saturday 13th June – the main event of the week, featuring an extensive selection of new and established eco designers.

See the full programme.

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Photo credits:

All photos by Captur8 Photography

Models: Shavonté Lundon Tuitama (top), Allie O’Reagan (middle) and Kelsey Odell (bottom)

Make-up artist for all images: Sharee Wilkinson