NZ Post says no to single use cups

By Natasha Fromont

NZ Post’s head office is working towards being disposable cup free with the ‘cupcyling’ movement. In an effort to reduce single use items, they are working together with local café Kanteen (on the ground floor of NZ Post House in Wellington).

From now on when NZ Post staff purchase a hot beverage to take away from the café they will be offered the use of a reusable cupcycling cup instead of disposable. Cupcycling cups are borrowed and returned the next day to be reused.

The initiative has been running for six weeks and more than 3000 disposable cups have already been diverted from landfill – about 100 a day!

Head of Sustainability Dawn Baggaley says: “Sustainability is a big deal at New Zealand Post and we’re committed to doing what’s right. When staff forget their own reusable cup or don’t have time to sit down for a coffee they can now borrow a cup. These are collected from our kitchens at the end of the day and brought back down to Kanteen. These cups have lids that are commercially compostable and can be put in our organic waste collection.

“A lot of us drink hot drinks – coffee, hot chocolates, tea, sometimes multiple times a day! Disposable cups are contributing to the landfill problem in New Zealand so we are proud to have an alternative to offer our people. We’ve had great feedback already and are seeing more people using these cups instead of disposable.”

New Zealand Post encourages everyone to join the reusable cup revolution today. If you already have your own reusable cup – keep up the great work! You can be proud of the difference you are making every day.