NZI Centre Awarded 5.5 of six Green Star rating

23 June 2015

The NZI Centre has saved 40 per cent in energy costs over the past year  and is the only building in Auckland to have reached a 5.5 out of six Green Star rating on the NZ equivalent of the National Australian Built Environment Rating System.

As the national rating scheme, the NABERS NZ sets the benchmark for New Zealand businesses based on a 12 month period of energy use. In New Zealand the average rating is 2.5 to three stars with only the Meridian and Asteron buildings in Wellington having a 5.5 rating equivalent to NZI.

IAG leases the building and property facility manager Mark Hill says the 9500 sqm office houses 780 employees. The push for energy saving, says Mark, began when the building was being constructed in 2009 and the fit-out and base building design achieved two Five Green Star ratings.

The latest NABERS NZ rating shows the building has made a 17 per cent improvement on its previous energy use, now running 49 kilowatt hours per square metre.

NZI Centre’s sustainability features include a distinctive double skin facade along most of its perimeter. The facade has automatically controlled blinds that moderate glare and sunlight, and the building’s interior features underfloor heating and exposed concrete ceilings to moderate the temperature.

Light fittings are controlled by smart timers and motion sensors, ensuring that lights aren’t left on in empty offices and the toilets are flushed by rain water collected from the roof top.

The features are set to save IAG money in the long-run while also engaging employees with sustainability and sustainable thinking with the benefit that it’s also creating a pleasant working environment that increases productivity.

Travis Atkinson, Executive General Manager of NZI, says, “Being sustainable is important to NZI and fundamental to the way we do business. We believe in everything the Sustainable Business Network has set out to do and support it in its mission to inspire change. ”

NZI has been a foundation partner of the Sustainable Business Network since 2007.

Source: NZ Herald