Ooooby programme grows

15 July 2014

The Ooooby programme is growing, with their expansion to the Waikato region this winter.

Following their success in Auckland and Sydney, Ooooby, a social enterprise that re-connects people to their local food sources, has sown the seeds for a Waikato hub.

Ooooby (Out of our own backyards) is a business that connects food growers with consumers. The Ooooby model offers buyers and growers another way to source and sell their produce.

“Being in the Waikato just made sense and people here have really welcomed it,” explains Ooooby co-founder James Samuel, on developing a Waikato hub.

“We’re really excited. The idea is to get people to sign up through the month of July, and have their first Ooooby box delivered on Tuesday 12 August.”

Ooooby boxes contain locally grown fruit and vegetables. As the supplier network grows, Ooooby Waikato will be able to include extras like free-range eggs, honey, or artisan products made in the region, including such things as jams, juices and breads.

Each box also has a letter which details what’s in there, who grew it and how it was grown. The process allows Ooooby box buyers to be selective about what gets delivered, by stating which produce to leave out and which extras to add in.

We are hosting an event in early September with Conscious Consumers and OOOOBY’s founder, Pete Russell where you can learn more about OOOOBY, and how their model is helping to restore our model for food distribution.  We’ll be sending an invitation to our Waikato members for this event in the next few weeks.

Since establishing their flagship operation in Auckland in 2011, Ooooby has been perfecting their model around four clear goals:

  • To put the control of our food supply back into the hands of communities
  • To reduce external influence on our food supply
  • To gain more knowledge of our food
  • To reduce our impact on this planet.

If you’re a Waikato resident who wants fresh, ethical, wholesome food delivered to your home or business, visit or call 0800 OOOOBY. If you’re a grower and would like to sell your produce through Ooooby, check out this video and be sure to get in touch with the team and introduce yourself.

Last year Ooooby received a judges’ commendation in the Mega Efficiency – Innovation category at the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards last year.  Click here for more information about how you can enter our 2014 Awards.