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Small win, big gain for SBN’s BikeNow project.

Just over two years ago, SBN’s BikeNow project led a group of SBN members and cycling advocates to get together and propose a Cycle Action Plan for Tauranga, in order to ensure that safe and separated cycle ways were developed throughout the city. Many people were put off cycling because it was seen as dangerous, so the BikeNow group wanted to see safer cycleways that would encourage more people to bike to work and more children to bike to school.

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Hope and connection at our Homegrown Conference

This year’s SBN Conference was Homegrown, showcasing the sustainability stories of local businesses, large and small. From regenerative agriculture to locusts. From a family journey of discovery in a biodiesel bus to Blockchain technology. And from millennials to the wisdom of those with decades of experience. It was a day to reflect, be inspired and connect.

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Climate Change and Business: four takeaways from the conference

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report came out last week and things are not looking good. We are on track to reach 1.5C warming between 2030 and 2052 if temperatures continues to increase at the current rate, and 3C by the end of the century. Once we hit 2C warming, the world will be a profoundly different place. Read More


Social Enterprise World Forum 2018 in Edinburgh

The Social Enterprise World Forum brings together social enterprise practitioners, support agencies, investors, public, private and government representatives. This year’s event in Edinburgh brought together social enterprise leaders and champions from all continents. Our very own Rachel Brown shares her thoughts on the forum. 

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Smart Transport Forum: where we are headed

In the ’60s the Jetson’s cartoon show convinced us there would be flying cars in the millennium. Well clearly that didn’t quite happen, but self driving cars are not too far around the corner. Find out what happened at last week’s Smart Transport Forum.

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