Kiwi businesses accelerate sustainability despite Covid-19

Oxygen Consulting in collaboration with the Sustainable Business Network, Sustainable Business Council and Auckland University of Technology (AUT) have launched their 2021 Insights on New Zealand’s Sustainability Professionals. Despite the huge impact of Covid-19 over the past year on jobs within many industries, overall the sustainability profession continues to grow.

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SBN member survey 2020


2021 Investor survey – key findings

Thanks to the impact investors in our network who took the time to give us feedback via the 2021 Investor Survey. We’ll be taking this on board as we plan our strategy and activities for the year ahead.

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Our Submission to the Climate Change Commission

SBN’s submission provides general support for the Vision contained in the Draft Advice from the newly created Climate Change Commission.

We focus whether the Advice delivers on that Vision, and how well it meets the aspirations of New Zealand’s people and their businesses.

In some areas we believe more radical and holistic solutions are needed.

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Kiwi business shows its bottle

Stainless steel and aluminium drink bottles last a lot longer than their plastic counterparts but have we traded one problem with another when it comes to disposing of them? One Kiwi business has come up with a simple solution.Read More


Have your say on the future of large batteries in NZ

Electric vehicles and energy storage systems rely on battery technology. So, what’s going to happen to those large batteries when they reach the end of life in Aotearoa? An industry alliance has a plan that could be world-leading and it wants your feedback.

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Healthcare provider cracks secret of eternal life

One of the largest hospitals in the world is looking after the health of the planet as well as taking care of its patients. Every year it diverts thousands of tonnes of waste from going to landfill so it can be recycled and given another chance at life. That’s just what the doctor ordered and it’s happening right here in Aotearoa.

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Plastics and recycling – time to get organised

Alarming photos of sea creatures strangled by plastic created justified outrage about how we are dealing with packaging and pollution. While Kiwi shoppers have embraced the ban on single-use plastic bags, major businesses here are now working hard on long term solutions.

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Northland bay


Will landfill be history by 2030?

For the past two years we’ve been promoting product stewardship. That’s when businesses take responsibility for the products they make, buy and sell so they’re not ending up in landfill. The campaign has built good momentum but what could product stewardship look like in 2030? Here are some predictions from people in the know.

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Road cone


Road cones offer beacon of hope

While stuck in traffic and contemplating the meaning of life, have you ever wondered where the humble road cone goes to die? Phil Crawford finds high visibility in the danger zone comes with a silver lining.

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