New programme to accelerate climate action for SMEs

A Sustainable Business Network (SBN) report shows Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) want to fight climate change but don’t know where to begin so a new easy-to-use programme, Climate Action 20/25, is being set up to help them.  


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Circular Economy Projects in Auckland

Supplementing the voices for sustainability to be at the centre of the new economy, we’re calling for investment in the circular economy. We’ve identified that investing $1.6 million now will ensure Auckland can support business, reduce environmental impact, create jobs and reduce waste. 

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Tools & Resources


Free new guides to being more sustainable

We’ve created a series of new and updated resources covering some of the key sustainability topics to help your business survive and thrive. Taking these steps will help assist the New Zealand economy, as a whole, to shift onto a more resilient path.

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The sea waits for us

Andy Kenworthy invites you to reflect on how the past few weeks away from the sea have highlighted the importance of protecting it.

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How to regenerate our economy

The tide is turning, with the Covid Curve well and truly flattened in NZ. There are many uncertainties around the shape of the post-virus economy, but now’s the time to act to ensure it takes the form we want. To get the ball rolling, SBN hosted an online CEO Forum on 17 April to get some tips from the top.Read More


Letter to ministers on the post Covid-19 economy

The Sustainable Business Network has written to the Prime Minister and ministers, on behalf of our network, to ask that sustainability is put at the centre of every investment decision in the post-pandemic economy. Read the letter in full here.

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Wheat over water


How to be responsible for your products

We’re making it easier for businesses that want to start taking responsibility for products throughout their life cycle. Known as product stewardship, this shift in thinking is vital to creating a more circular economy.

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NZ mountains


Doing well, as well as doing good

It should be no surprise that sustainable business is also good business financially. Companies with a strong sustainability track record are typically well-managed. They gain advantages from a good reputation, a strong brand and loyal customers, motivated staff and no environmental liabilities.

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Help grow a new regenerative economy

Rewind to January, and the Sustainable Business Network was brimming with optimism. We felt NZ collectively had 2020 vision on how to transition to a just, low carbon and circular economy. We could see a clear path to restoring nature and practising kinder, more generous ways of being. Then in the blink of an eye, Covid-19 threw this thinking and commitment into the air.

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Sustainable business and Covid-19

The team at the Sustainable Business Network are working our socks off during the Covid-19 pandemic to support our members and help co-create a more sustainable, regenerative economy.

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Covid-19 lockdown offers glimpse of a low carbon future

With New Zealand forced to close up shop in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve carried out an initial assessment of the associated drop in carbon emissions. It suggests that the reduction is on par with what we’ll need to do on a permanent basis to meet our commitment to the Paris Agreement.

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Covid-19: how SBN can help

As we work through these uncertain times, I wanted to let you know that SBN wants to do all we can to support your business, and to understand how you might also support each other’s businesses.

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Community spirit key to challenges ahead

Many people and businesses will be feeling anxious about the future during these uncertain times created by the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s a natural response and, while it may feel paralysing at times, we can rely on community spirit to get us through the coming months, says Niki Harré, Professor of Psychology at the University of Auckland and author of the Infinite Game

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Autumn leaves


A time for resiliency and regeneration

We certainly are living in interesting times. But these times will pass. And when we rebuild we’ll be able to create a better, more sustainable set of solutions and a system that enables regeneration to make our communities and planet healthier.

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Covid-19 and SBN events

SBN runs many events, and want to make as many available online as possible during the pandemic. We are therefore creating a series of webinars that will be freely available to encourage learning.

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