Healthcare provider cracks secret of eternal life

One of the largest hospitals in the world is looking after the health of the planet as well as taking care of its patients. Every year it diverts thousands of tonnes of waste from going to landfill so it can be recycled and given another chance at life. That’s just what the doctor ordered and it’s happening right here in Aotearoa.

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Plastics and recycling – time to get organised

Alarming photos of sea creatures strangled by plastic created justified outrage about how we are dealing with packaging and pollution. While Kiwi shoppers have embraced the ban on single-use plastic bags, major businesses here are now working hard on long term solutions.

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Northland bay


Will landfill be history by 2030?

For the past two years we’ve been promoting product stewardship. That’s when businesses take responsibility for the products they make, buy and sell so they’re not ending up in landfill. The campaign has built good momentum but what could product stewardship look like in 2030? Here are some predictions from people in the know.

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Road cone


Road cones offer beacon of hope

While stuck in traffic and contemplating the meaning of life, have you ever wondered where the humble road cone goes to die? Phil Crawford finds high visibility in the danger zone comes with a silver lining.

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Climate Change Commission report paves the way for change – but greater urgency is required

The Sustainable Business Network welcomes the Climate Change Commission’s Draft Advice for Consultation. We acknowledge and appreciate the Commission’s mammoth effort and expertise in producing such a comprehensive report. It provides an affordable pathway for New Zealand to move towards a net zero carbon economy by 2050. However, we are calling for greater aspiration and more ambitious action to match the urgency of the issue.Read More


SBN backs a rahui on shellfish take around Waiheke Island

SBN has sent a letter of support for a proposed iwi-led rahui banning the take of paua, kūtai (mussels), kōura (crayfish)) and tīpa (scallop) around the entire coastline of Waiheke for at least two years. We think it’s a vital first step in giving  the seas around Aotearoa a chance to regenerate, and for the precious sea life to recover.

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New Year Honours for long-term SBN supporters

Congratulations to Chris Morrison and Marion Wood, who have been recognised with New Year Honours! Both have been long-term supporters of the Sustainable Business Network since its inception in 2002, so we were thrilled to see this well-deserved recognition of their commitment to sustainable business.Read More


Roll your sleeves up, it’s 2021

2020 was a wake-up call. For generations we have been overstepping the boundaries of nature. This is the first time many of us have felt her bite back. It’s clear now that for better or worse, we’re a long way from everywhere, but still connected. We must re-evaluate those connections to regenerate the natural world. I hope that will be a focal point of 2021 and beyond.

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