Planting project comes with a carrot

By Bronwyn Gibson

Tax Time Image
Let the Million Metres Streams Project be the positive column in your tax reporting for FY2020.

Most people don’t really enjoy end-of-year accounting. But it is nice to account for your investments that matter, like planting trees. With the end of the current financial year almost here, now’s your chance to get one-third of a donation made to Million Metres Streams Project back as a tax rebate really quick.

As you know, our water quality crisis is a heart-breaking situation. It goes back a long way. We cleared a lot of the forest for farms, we built new towns, cities and factories. The situation has worsened in recent decades. Many of our waterways are being choked by sediment. They are polluted by dangerous bacteria and run-off. About two-thirds of New Zealand’s rivers are now unsafe to swim in.

Our aim is to help plant one million metres of New Zealand waterway with native plants and trees. Planting helps stabilise the banks of the waterway and reduces erosion. It helps filter pollutants from agriculture, industry, housing and roads. It provides shade to the water. It restores the habitat of waterway plants and wildlife.

We are focused on protecting and restoring New Zealand’s rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands. Every metre we replant provides a lasting legacy to our landscape. We have already replanted over 59,000 metres of waterway, and there’s still a lot of work to do.

Donate now at millionmetres.org.nz. You can choose from one of eleven great projects all over the country that need your support. You can help them get their trees and plants in the ground this winter.