Re-imagining food waste

By Holly Leach

SBN is working with Wellington City Council on a series of food forums to increase food sustainability and resilience in the region.

In August, we hosted the first forum out of four, where we explored how innovation in technology and the rise of alternative proteins might enable us to feed the future in a more sustainable way.

The evening was a chance to glimpse a tasty future for New Zealand. As we work to reduce the carbon footprint of conventional agriculture, there’s also huge potential in emerging ideas like insect protein and hemp. Once considered niche they are hitting the mainstream hard, with many associated health and ecological benefits too.

The evening drew a large, enthusiastic and hungry crowd who were all too happy to stick around and socialise amid the various food stalls outside the talk. Seven Sharp were also there to get in on the action and try the cricket popcorn. Watch here!

The next forum is being held at the end of November and will focus on Reimagining Food Waste and understanding how food should be viewed as a resource where nothing is wasted.

The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) states that one third of the food we produce globally goes to waste, equating to USD 1 trillion. Whether it is bread, leftovers, oranges or potatoes, this has a massive impact on us financially, socially and environmentally.

The Ellen MacArthur foundation suggests we must move beyond just reducing avoidable food waste, to designing out the concept of ‘waste’ altogether. And it’s the cities that can play an important role in doing this!

The next forum will look at some of the opportunities that keep food at its highest value, as well as taking a deep dive into some of the world’s current best food waste practices.

We are incredibly lucky to have Emily King, Director of Spira, facilitating this event. Emily has worked across New Zealand and around the world with businesses and organisations to help them understand their food systems.

Speakers include:

  • Kelda Hanes – Chef and co-owner, Rita
  • Jennifer Elliott- Love Food Hate Waste and Waste minimisation officer, Wellington City Council
  • Sheldon Levet – Kaicycle
  • Dennis Makalio – Kai Ika

Whether you are a business owner, grandparent or student, this is an event for you! Come and spend your Saturday learning how you can reduce your food waste.

For more information, email Holly@sustainable.org.nz