Remembering Betsy

10 August 2015

We are tremendously sad to report that Betsy Joseph, who worked for the Sustainable Business Network from 2010-2012 has lost a battle with cancer and passed away on 8th August in the UK.

Betsy was an amazingly talented, passionate and warm individual and was a huge asset to the SBN during her time with us. She was much loved by everyone who worked with her and we will sorely miss her.

Betsy was diagnosed with cancer in December 2013 while still based in New Zealand. Following surgery she decided to return to the UK so she could be supported by family while she went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After a gruelling series of treatment it was hoped that she had beaten the illness and she started to work for Sustrans in the UK in March 2015.

However the cancer was not beaten and despite another series of treatments in Mexico Betsy finally succumbed to the illness on 8th August surrounded by her family.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends, particularly today (10th August) when her funeral will take place in the UK.

Love always Betsy,

The SBN team xxx

We will be having a drink to remember Betsy on Wednesday 12th August from 5.00-6.30pm in the SBN office, to which all are welcome. There will be a memorial book, in which we are inviting those who knew Betsy to record your memories so that we can send it to Betsy’s family.

Below are a coupleĀ of photos of Betsy with SBN staff.

Betsy tree planting

Betsy staff