Resilience through change

8 July 2014

‘Change is the only constant in life.’ An organisation that is resilient equips its staff with the mechanisms to be able to cope during periods of change. We talk to Nicky Benson about how a business can effectively manage change.

In our ever-changing world, the success of a business depends on its ability to manage change. To do this successfully, a business must equip its staff with the skills to cope with change at a personal and professional level.

“With change often comes a feeling of losing control and uncertainty. We may no longer have a role, or our role changes; friends we have worked with are no longer in the same team or leave all together; and our sense of status can be impacted when situations beyond our control push us into a situation where we feel like we have no choices,” says Nicky Benson, from StepUp Coaching and Facilitating.

“Developing the tools and techniques to raise our awareness, harness our emotions and build resilience through focusing on what we can control and influence puts us back into the driver’s seat,” she says.

Nicky has been supporting New Zealand Post through a period of change by designing the ‘Be Strong, Stay Strong’ workshop.  It is one part of a suite of services New Zealand Post offers its employees who are impacted by change through its Future Zone programme. Nicky has run several ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions for New Zealand Post facilitators so they can run the ‘Be Strong, Stay Strong’ workshop for a mixture of leaders and employees, including business managers; and she also continues to help out and run the workshops where New Zealand Post facilitators are unavailable.

The workshop enables participants to normalise what they are experiencing in a safe and supportive environment, and teaches them scientifically validated tools and techniques to support their physical, emotional and mental energy. Participants develop a personal plan to support themselves on the journey through change, which helps them to build sustainable habits for life.

 “We thought the workshop was important because we are going through significant change within our organisation and we wanted to give our people the tools to be able to cope with these changes in the workplace. A really great benefit is that our people can also apply these skills to other areas of their lives,” says Melanie Brewer, Organisation Development Specialist at New Zealand Post.

Nicky draws on the latest research from the fields of biology, leadership and neuroscience to facilitate practical ways to manage energy, performance, health and happiness.

“We chose Nicky because her programme is practical, affordable and can be tailored to suit different groups of our people” says Melanie.

The New Zealand Post employees who have been to the workshop have got a lot out of it.

“Change will be the constant for businesses in the future, and having a resilient workforce, who have the practical tools to cope with these changes, is not only good for our people but its good for our organisation as a whole,” Melanie says.

If you’re interested in learning about how you can develop resilience through change, please contact Nicky Benson. To find out more about Nicky’s work, click here.