Rise Again – give your business’ waste a second life

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New designs for the reuse of commercial waste will be created by five different teams as part of Rekindle’s new project Resource: Rise Again. So if you want to find reuse solutions for your business’ solid waste, Rekindle wants to hear from you!

The project includes demonstrating the Harvest Map tool, an online mapping system aimed at reusing waste. Created by Superuse Studio, a long established architectural practice in Rotterdam that focuses on reuse, the Harvest Map plots producers’ wasted resources geographically so users can identify and upcycle items, ranging from wood to stone and textiles.

Resource: Rise Again will support five design teams to use the mapping system from April until September to reduce resources going to landfill through designing reuse solutions.  

The project will help designers evolve new designs for waste and will be testing environmental and social impact as well as financial viability. The new designs and research will be shown in exhibitions from October 2016 in Christchurch and then Auckland, and a journal will be published which will feature international academic perspectives on reuse.

This will be the first time the Harvest Map has been used in New Zealand.

Rekindle founder and director Juliet Arnott says in order to be successful the tool requires engagement by both producers and users – and so would love to hear from any waste producers keen to be involved. This is a real opportunity to consider how your business can apply the principles of the circular economy and maximise resource efficiency, and is a wonderful chance to show your commitment to sustainable business.

For more information please contact Juliet on info@rekindle.org.nz  or visit Resource: Rise Again