SBN collaboration will help businesses take urgent climate action

By Phil Crawford

With the impacts of climate change being felt around the world we need to act and fast. To help New Zealand businesses take urgent climate action we’re looking for partners to collaborate on an innovative new programme.

Climate Action 20/25 is a collaboration of influencer organisations that will deliver expert, independent, simple-to-use guidance to businesses on how they can take climate action in a meaningful way.

The programme is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises at all stages of their climate action journey – from the bulk of NZ business that are just starting out, to those who want to be climate leaders.

Right now we’re looking for other active organisations that are keen to help suppliers, clients and Kiwi business, in general, by investing and collaborating with us on Climate Action 20/25.

SBN’s Project and Advisory Lead Phil Jones is already conducting interviews and researching existing tools and resources to prepare a simple, low cost and comprehensive climate change toolkit. He stresses that in many cases the toolkit will link to existing resources.

“We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. The toolkit will help businesses by directing them to existing information, tools and resources that are relevant to their stage of the climate action journey.”

The toolkit will include:

  • Educational elements to demystify the issues
  • Guidance to understanding carbon footprinting and reducing a business’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • Resources on adapting business activities to a changing climate
  • Systems for measuring the collective impact of the programme

Our CEO Rachel Brown says businesses can’t afford to ignore climate change anymore.

Climate change is generating a myriad of new risks and opportunities. It is radically reshaping the way we all live and work. Its influence and impacts are set to run for generations. The next five years are going to be critical, and businesses must act” she says.

“The impact of our Climate 20/25 programme will be demonstrated by more businesses taking more action on climate. In particular, they will make commitments to lower their greenhouse gas emissions and take steps to fulfil those commitments.”

For more information on joining the Climate Action 20/25 collaboration, contact Rachel Brown [email protected] or Phil Jones [email protected]