Smart Energy Challenge

24 March 2014

Wellington City Council is teaming up with local social entrepreneurs, including fellow SBN members Enspiral and Generation Zero, to bring Smart Energy projects to life.

The Smart Energy Challenge is an initiative to help local groups and individuals create solutions to help reduce energy use and increase clean energy practices. The Challenge is offering participants the opportunity to take part in events, workshops and networking opportunities that will allow them to learn how to build their projects while collaborating with groups doing similar work. The Challenge is also working with PledgeMe to help each project fundraise through crowdfunding. Wellington City Council will match all project funding up to a total $20,000.

Alongside the workshops, the Challenge includes two additional events: the Dragon’s Den and Smart Energy Café. Dragon’s Den will offer a time for projects to pitch their ideas to possible corporate partners while Smart Energy Café is a community event that brings together people from the area to look at the projects and offer feedback. Events like this will allow the projects to set their own goals and decide what they have to do to make their project more successful.

The event kicked off on March 6th and there will be events and workshops for the projects over the next month. After the events are over, the Council will check in on the projects to see if they are achieving the goals they made during the Challenge.

Project partners include SBN members Kiwibank and NZ Post Group.

For more information, go to The Smart Energy Challenge website.