solarcity introduces NZ’s first affordable solar battery storage service

By jay

A smart new energy service, offering affordable solar battery storage to new and existing customers has just been launched by solarcity.

solarcity was a finalist in the 2015 Sustainable Business Network Awards for its solarZero energy service which allows homeowners to buy solar power, without the cost of the panels, at a fixed price for 20 years.

Now, thanks to a price and technology breakthrough, the company has launched solarZero+ combining solar generation with storage using Panasonic’s state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries. This service allows homeowners to store excess solar energy generated during the day so it can can be used at night and when grid prices are high. The technology even learns your home’s energy profile and can buy power from the grid at times when the rates are low and store it for use at expensive peak times.

solarcity CEO Andrew Booth says the company’s new solarZero+ service is an important step to helping New Zealand become powered 100% by renewable energy and gives homeowners a smart way to beat the rising cost of power.

“This exciting new energy service will allow Kiwis to access solar power and battery storage for a fixed, monthly service fee, rather than buying an expensive system. This means that if you can afford your power bill you can afford solar with solarcity. solarZero+ provides savings, security and certainty.

“This is a real game changer for Kiwi homeowners as this smart solution will optimise their use of solar and minimise the cost of power they buy from the the grid.

“If five per cent of Kiwi homes installed solar to meet their daytime energy needs New Zealand’s carbon emissions would decrease by 56,400 cubic tonnes.”

solarZero+ is available for an upfront payment of $2,500 plus a fixed monthly fee that covers all the company’s energy services. Those services include a guaranteed level of solar power, all the benefits of the solar battery, any necessary upgrades (including a full battery change out at the end of its useful life), monitoring, customised energy advice, product discounts on energy efficient products, and more.

“Solarcity takes all the technology risks for 20 years while our customers enjoy cleaner, more affordable solar and lower power bills,” says Andrew.

The battery system which, unlike other energy storage products doesn’t need to be wall mounted or installed inside the home, includes a back-up mode which can supply limited electricity during power cuts for critical devices such as a laptop, radio, modem and some lighting.

Many thanks to solarcity for supplying this article.